What are cryptoboomers?

CryptoBoomers NFT is a massive collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated art collectives that have been hand-picked by other excited boom-boomers from over 750,000 different options. Our goal is to help the so called “Boomers” understand the crazy world of crypto and NFTs.

Are you in?

Do you have to be a Boomer to join CryptoBoomers? Absolutely not! Discover the amazing way to make significant profits with NFTs no matter how old you are!

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500 / 2000


5 November 18:00 UTC


0.069 ETH



Public sale


1500 / 2000


6 November 18:00 UTC


0.069 ETH



Our vision

Updated Roadmap



I still remember my dad telling me not to waste my money on stupid pictures on the internet. Guess what, a few months later, those stupid jpegs were worth more than $10k each, making me a profit of over 200k! My dad could not believe it and trying to emulate me bought crappy pixel art and wasted all his money.

This led to the idea of creating CryptoBoomersNFT, the first community that aims to help Boomers understand this crazy world of digital art. 

Early CryptoBoomers Giveaway. (don’t miss out!)

NFT are airdropped to some of our early adopters and giveaway winners.

CryptoBoomers Token Official Release!

We are going to create our token to reward the holders!
The more NFT a holder has in his wallet the more rewards he will get! If you are an OG holder you have access to the official presale of the token!

One More Crazy Giveaway!

We are giving away 5 ETH to 5 Lucky holders! More crazy giveaways will be launched including our Crypto Boomers official merch!


Let’s Help Those Boomers Understand our World!

Here comes an Official Youtube launch of our FREE education series “CryptoBoomer Lessons.” Our goal is to help “Boomers” understand and make strategic investments with crypto and NFTs.


Season 2 Development… Crypto GRANNIES will be free to mint for all the Crypto Boomers Holders!


The Crypto Boomers Lessons

Our goal is to help boomers understand and make strategic investments with crypto and NFTs. Here comes an Official Youtube launch of our FREE education series “Crypto Boomer Lessons”. A series of videos that will see crypto boomers as teachers, helping the world of crypto and nft to become even more viral and accessible to the general public! The theme of the videos will be decided together with the holders who will have decision-making power in this and other projects.
Check out the audio trailer from EP 0!

The Boomer Token

Everyone who purchases a CryptoBoomersNFT during the presale or during the launch will be eligible to participate in the presale of the boomer token. In addition, anyone who buys 2 or more CryptoBoomersNFTs will be entitled to up to 30% more tokens for free! The goal of this token is to reward holders of Crypto Boomers NFT! The more NFT you hold the more rewards you’ll get!
More information about rewards will be revealed at the token launch!



our team




Co founder


Blockchain Developer


What are Crypto Boomer?

Crypto Boomers is a collection of 10,000 randomly born NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. Every character is uniquely generated using a set of 100 different traits! Each one is thoughtfully designed, specifically picked, and impeccably shaped. Some traits are “rarer” than others but all of them are meticulously illustrated.

What is your vision?

We aim to create the biggest boomer community to help older people understand the world of crypto and nft! We are going to create an exclusive Youtube series using Crypto Boomers characters that will explain different aspects of this amazing crypto world in a way that is “Boomers Friendly”, making the NFT and Crypto space more and more viral!

And this is just the beginning of this amazing and exciting project! In the future, we are going to create our own BOOMER TOKEN and allow all the NFT holders to access the presale. In addition, anyone who buys 2 or more CryptoBoomersNFTs will be entitled to up to 30% more tokens for free.

What can I do with my Crypto Boomer?

You will be able to access a restricted channel for collectors. You will have the opportunity to participate in giveaways, airdrops, and even be able to give your voice in the decisions of the project. you will be an actor in the community! Many events will be organized with collectors and we will try to renew ourselves every day to give you a unique experience in the world of NFTs.

With a Crypto Boomers NFT in your wallet you will be eligible to the official token presale! You will also get rewarded with the token by holding an NFT!

When does Crypto Boomers NFT launch?

The official launch date is :

Presale: 5 November 18:00 UTC

Public Sale: 6 November 18:00 UTC

What Is “Minting”?

Minting is the act of claiming ownership of a specific NFT for the very first time.

The action of minting involves sending the correct amount of ETH to the NFT’s “Smart Contract” (which you can think of as the registry for the specific NFT collection), the Smart Contract in turn will “mint” a new item in the collection and set the buyer’s wallet address as the owner of that item.

Our smart contract is limited to 10,000 Crypto Boomers, so grab yours ASAP!

How do I Buy?

You will need to have MetaMask installed and set up (If you don’t know what MetaMask is or how to install it, please visit for instructions).

In order to buy, connect with your wallet and use the minting interface to select how many Crypto Boomers you want to get.

Click the mint button on this page, approve the transaction on MetaMask, and you are done!

You can buy up to 10 Crypto Boomers in a single transaction.

Please make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet for the desired amount of Crypto Boomers (see pricing above) and for some fees – AKA Gas – (which are charged by the Ethereum network).

I am on mobile device, How do I purchase?

You will need to use the MetaMask App Browser and connect your wallet to mint Crypto Boomers on our website.

Who can mint a Crypto Granny?

Every boomer holder gets to mint a granny. 1 boomer = 1 granny. If you have 5 crypto boomers, you can mint 5 crypto grannies and so on.

When will I be able to mint my Granny?

The official launch date is TBD.

I Need Support!

We are here to support you on our Discord server 

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